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Ask Prof Ron 27-03-12

Two of the 1194 interesting questions answered so far. These cropped up this week:

  1. Prof can someone become a scientist at an early age of fifteen because I love science and I have a passion for science but I lack resources.
  2. Greetings Prof, i want to know whether does an elephant concieve or lay eggs and if it concieves,where does its breast lie and how does it breast feed the calf with such a big nose. And i want to know if it lay eggs, how big is their eggs and how does it keep its eggs warmer with such big body? Please answer me Prof Ron.

Others include:


  • PRO what are examples of a reaction between substances that may cause corrosion
  • What are the types of neurons? In central nervous system
  • Good day pRof, My Question is. . .What Is an Isotope really?
  • Hi prof what is there under the ground because da earth is like a ball so i think out of da sky it is da same as da underground bt people say the underground the is only hall.
  • Can i person be brought back to life,after being frozen
  • hi prof im young kid,i want to know where can i get science work shops ?4rm Sihle
  • What is laser
  • Can humans become extinct Prof?
  • Ar thr any livng thngz in ths wrld we ar lving in
  • Where to train pilot ni south africa and are thre bursaries for it?