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We created Blogger to give you an easy way to share your thoughts — about current events, what's going on in your life, or anything else you'd care to discuss — with the world. We've developed a host of features to make blogging as simple and effective as possible.



Expression Engine is a commercial product built on an Open Source foundation, giving you the best of both worlds. As a commercial product, ExpressionEngine is supported by a team of committed developers and technical support specialists. With its Open Source foundation, ExpressionEngine's codebase is 100% open, transparent, and extensible. For a decade we've operated on this effective business model. Our customer satisfaction and growth is a testament to its success.


LiveJournal represents social media without borders. Rooted in a tradition of global participation, LiveJournal is on the forefront of personal publishing, community involvement, and individual expression. Already one of the world's most respected blogging platforms, look for LiveJournal to continue to deliver improved technologies and services to its members in the coming months and years.

Start your own Open Diary - it's easy and free! It's a great way to connect with friends, keep your life online, and learn about yourself. The best part is that you get your own interactive diary, with unlimited storage and posts.


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WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you’re ready for more there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Over 25 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call “home” — we’d love you to join the family.




Xanga is a community where you can start your own free weblog, share photos and videos, and meet new friends too!