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FabKids - Alexander Road 22 July

FabKids - Alexander Road High School 22 July 2011

FabKids with Sarah, Hannah, Xola and Ashrick

We first talked about what we would be doing. We are designing desk tidy. We first have to draw our ideas and pick the best one. As we go through the technological process, we each have a part, learning tam work along the way.

There is never one time when just one person is working. While working the computer, our design engineer proved helpful. We got frustrated and annoyed when we couldn’t get it right. It is already 11:50 and we haven’t even printed. But we will get it … eventually. The constant nagging thought of ”is it going to work?” ”We’ll never get it done,” or” this isn’t going to work,” was constantly in our heads. The first try didn’t work but we got a second chance. We needed sir’s help a lot to make our second chance reality. New ideas at the last minute was becoming a habit. It’s finally coming together. Even if it wasn’t perfect, we at least had fun!