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St Thomas FabKids 25 August 2011

St Thomas FabKids 25 August 2011

Group 1: Sean-Pedro,Litaletu,Aameer

We came here and had a introduction by Ron of the CSIR YESA company to partake in the fabkids project. We introduce ourselves and got to know each other better. We spoke about politics, government, nationalision, the difference between jobs and careers. Some of us were intrigued by how much money you can get from changing 1 light bulb and proved that you must build your way up to success and not expect to start at the top. After the discussion, we were divided into 2 groups of 7 to create an object with a minimum amount of 1 moving part. The object had to follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principal.

After several ideas, we came up with a fan that had a gear and lever system. Then our groups of 7 were split up into 2 groups consisting of 3 and 4 members. After a long struggle of the designing process we finally had our first gear and lever example out of cardboard then the second followed out of perspects. Our final group consisted of 3 learners (Litaletu,Aameer and Sean-Pedr).  Our efforts was successful and was donated for better cause.

Our day was greatly appreciated by learning more about science and technology. We hope more programs like this can be offered to school students that are less priviledged. BIG UP TO YESA  FOR AN EXITING AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM.

Group 2

Our Fablab experience at school..

We started off by being divided into 2groups of about 3 to 4 members, where we were instructed to design an object with moving components. Our group started off by brainstorming some ideas first, some of the ideas we came up with were,a tricycle an aeroplane and a wind-up fan . Our final idea that we came up with and put to paper was a gear and leaver teaching design. After putting it to paper we then went to print and perspex with our final product with no difficulties ;) ..In conclusion we have a better understanding and more insight on what engineering is all about.

Group 3

Today was an exciting learning experience for all of us. We had fun working together with others and learning from each other. We took longer with our design process than we were supposed to but it was all worth it in the end . What fascinated us the most was the laser printer that could print on perspex.