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HTS Louis Botha Bloemfontein FabKids 01 September 2011

HTS Louis Botha Bloemfontein FabKids 01 September 2011

Group 1

A great experience indeed!

We were given a challenge to design a model, preferably a toy. We decided to design a robot that could produce movement when force is applied on it. The obstacles that we basically experienced during the whole session was putting the parts all together in the CAD program that we used.

All this required a lot of graphical design insight but we came with the right mind-set and we were hungry for knowledge so I believe that we gained a lot from the whole experience. I strongly believe that we now know how to mobilize together and produce better results. The stuff members gave us such a warm welcome. They managed to make us feel free and they gladly offered their help. With such mentors, there's no better way to make learning more fun then this!

The fabLab is definitely fab! Children are able to come here and just experience a totally different side of science, technology and engineering as a whole. It teaches us the significance of  many things-such as, teamwork, intellectual skills and time management. I strongly edge scholars to come here and to feel the fabulosity that fabLab can offer.  You won't leave the same way you came-so come and anticipate some good change! We did! 

Group 2

Team work, Hard work and perseverance, has enabled us to get through this entire day.

We were given a challenge that we even thought that we could not handle but WE DID IT!

This whole experience has taught us the quality of leadership  and being at  calm through every task that is handed to you. This has not been any ordinary task, we were first motivated about life, how we should live it and what we do today will play a huge part of our future. We stepped in the lab and we could not stop working. “ In the end its all about the mind and what you feed it!”. That is exactly what we have learned from this experience.

To that designers have to go through this much of work, has driven us to be the best and to make our school proud.